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Type Desiccant Desiccant Compressor Compressor Compressor
Water Extraction 7 L /Day 8 L /Day 15 L /Day 12 L /Day 21 L /Day
Noise Level 34 dB 39 dB - 43 dB 46 dB
Warranty 2 Year 1 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year
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EcoAir DD122 - Best Dehumidifier Uk

This best dehumidifier Uk packed with so many cool features, EcoAir DD122 dehumidifier is surely a top-notch, user-friendly, and safe  dehumidifier in the market. As it is such a dynamic product with so many features, it can be a bit difficult for us to start randomly. But at first, we will talk about its weight. That will tell us how easy it is to move it from one room to another. The weight of the product is 6 kg which is very light if you compare it to the other dehumidifiers. So it is easy to move the dehumidifier. Furthermore, the product has a collapsible carry handle. So carrying it is not too difficult.

Now let’s talk about power consumption. It has two modes- Economy and Turbo. For energy saving, you should activate the economy mode. If you have a severe damp problem, you can switch to turbo mode. But to be honest, you don’t really have to go for turbo mode all the time. When the damp problem is gone, you can switch to the economy mode.

Condensation and Mould- both of these can be bothersome for you. As we know, heavy condensation increases humidity level and, it can be harmful for your door or window frames. Also when humidity level increases, mould is another problem you have to tackle. Fortunately for you, the EcoAir DD122 will solve all these problems. Most dehumidifiers can do this. But none can do it like EcoAir. It is what makes them unique.

Its “auto restart function” is another useful feature. This humidifier can restart automatically after a power failure. Once it is restored, It will keep operating at the previously selected settings.

The filter of this dehumidifier is easily removable. So you can remove and clean it. Its job is to trap the dust. So It is absolutely necessary for you to clean it. In every two weeks, you can clean this. You can brush it or you can just use a vacuum cleaner.

You should not worry about the noise level of the EcoAir DD122. It’s quiet when it’s operating. The noise level is only 34 decibels.

The EcoAir DD122 dehumidifier  has a water tank that has a capacity of 2 litres. The tank looks like a drawer that is situated at the side of the product.

This Ecoair dehumidifier also has inbuilt laundry function. Usually, it takes 2-4 hours to dry your clothes.

You can always use the Laundry mode with the economy setting or turbo setting(if you want to have an option to speed up the drying process).

Furthermore, it has other that you will find useful. For example, it features anti-tilt protection(a safety feature) and, it has an inbuilt ioniser(helps with pollen and dust).

When a product offers so many features, it is bound to be unique. That is exactly what EcoAir DD122 dehumidifier is. It is unique, dynamic, and above all awesome. Very few people can argue against it.

Ebac 2250e 15 Litre Dehumidifier

Are you tired of the damped ambience in your home? This can happen due to trapped moisture and humidity. No worries, If you are looking for the best dehumidifier in Uk, then Ebac2250 will surely eliminate the moisture and odour in your home, leaving a refreshing vibe to keep you fresh and active throughout the day. Have a look at the features. Due to keeping the doors and windows closed for longer times, a damp, moulded and condensed ambience is created, which results in the creation of bad odours as well. The Ebac2250 eliminates this atmosphere, purifies the air and re-creates a fresh ambience. It removes all kinds of dust, allergens and smoke to deliver a healthy atmosphere for you.

It has customizable modes such as the laundry boost and air purification. It can extract up to a great volume of about 15 litres of moisture which is enough for a 3 to 5 rooms-coverage. Complete elimination of surface moulds and condensation cure makes it a must-have device for your home. You can use it conveniently with the user-friendly features. It includes an LED display to show the current device status, an indicator for full water tank and also an additional handle for simplifying portability. It is manufactured in Britain keeping the complex climatic conditions of Britain in consideration. Hence, it is usable in diverse weather conditions.

Comes with smart technology that knows when to provide complete home protection and changes the modes accordingly. The technology also benefits in saving energy consumption with optimum performance for a healthier and safer home. Overall, it’s a product that is worth of your money and rest assured that your money won’t be wasted with this dehumidifier as it is one of the best dehumidifiers in UK.

PureMate 12L Portable & Compact Dehumidifier

The PureMate PM412 dehumidifier is designed in such a way that it makes the environment of your home healthier and more comfortable. It is perfect for houses that have 2-3 bedrooms.

First of all, a dehumidifier has got to be good at its job which is removing excessive moisture and humidity.  Make no mistake that the humidifier is really good at removing the excessive moisture and, humidity. As a result, you won’t be affected by dust mites and mould. Every day it extracts 12 litres of moisture.

The weight of this Puremate dehumidifier 11kg. It may not be the lightest product out there but, it’s relatively light. Moreover, because of the durable castor wheels, it’s easy to take the dehumidifier from one room to another. You can even remove the wheels if that’s what you want.

Operating the product is not too difficult. The LED display allows you to operate the machine smoothly.

Furthermore, the drainage solution of PureMate PM412  is good and unique. It has a big water tank that can hold up to 1.5 litres of water. If you don’t want to use that, there will be another option. You can just use the drainage hose that comes with the product. If you want a permanent drainage solution, this is it. It is the perfect dehumidifier when it comes to drainage solution. Note that the length of the drain pipe is 60 cm.

Furthermore, let’s talk about the safety feature. It’s always better to embed a safety feature in a product. This dehumidifier has exactly that. It has Automatic shut off safety feature. It is more than useful because it prevents overheating of the compressor which can be dangerous. 

This dehumidifier has laundry mode. It is another handy feature as you can use it to dry clothes at home. It’s just another reason why this dehumidifier is so dynamic and user-friendly.

This Puremate dehumidifier will keep the humidity down which saves your heating bill. As we know, damp air will cost more to heat up compared to dry air. So it is a type of product that saves your precious money.

For a compressor dehumidifier, its volume(while operating) is good. The noise volume of the dehumidifier is 43 decibels which is not bad at all.

Finally, its defrosting Function, 24-hour timer function, optional ioniser make it as dynamic as ever.

With all said and done, no one can deny the importance of a dehumidifier. It is necessary to keep something like this in your home. But it has to be reliable. The PureMate PM412 is a product that you can rely on. As it has so many features, it is ridiculously easy to operate. But most importantly, the price of the product is reasonable.

Ebac 3850e Most Powerful 21 Litre Dehumidifier

Perfect for the British climate, Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier is exclusively manufactured in the UK. It’s a British made product that is ideal for the British climate. This dehumidifier offers a lot of things that you will like.

But before we get into the details and dissect all the things it offers, let’s talk about its size.  The height, width and depth of the product are 50cm. 32.7 cm, and 27.3cm. So it is fairly compact and, you can place it anywhere.

The first noteworthy thing about this Ebac dehumidifier is that it has no issues with condensation, damp or mould. Ebac is one of the few companies that guarantee you to eliminate condensation. Also, you will have no problem with damp. It also eliminates mould which is caused by moisture.

 Furthermore, Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier is ridiculously easy to use. Thanks to the latest technology, Ebac 3850e has a touchscreen control which makes it easy for you to work with it. Also, note that the display screen is pretty clear. The cool part about the dehumidifier is that it operates quietly. The sound will barely bother you. Someone who used it will absolutely agree to it. 

 The patented smart technology has some convenient features that make the product awesome. It can measure the temperature and moisture in the air. When the temperature and moisture levels are high, it switches on automatically. But when the levels are low, it switches off.  That’s the beauty of smart technology. It’s completely automatic.

One of the reasons why smart control technology stands out is that the dehumidifier operates only when it needs to. So it is an energy-saving smart product which means that maintaining it costs less money. It can reduce its running cost by almost 40%, saving a decent amount of money in a year.

Another great thing about the dehumidifier is that it will help you with laundry drying. Its laundry drying setting is perfect for drying clothes at home.

 Additionally,  Ebac 3850e  has air purification mode. It means that the dehumidifier will clean the air. It will remove dust, pollen, and allergens. The carbon filtration system will deal with household odour. So it purifies the air and improves the quality of the air. If you have kids at home, you need to have a healthy environment for them. If the air is full of impurities, it will have a bad impact on your children’s health. This dehumidifier will help you out in this case.

The extraction rate is 21 litre/per day which means it can extract up to 21 litres of water in a day. It’s good if your house is big.

All in all, Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier is just a dynamic product that will give you an outstanding service. User-friendly, durable, easy operating system- it has all the things to be the best dehumidifier in the market.

Inventor EVA II PRO DehumidifierANSIO Electric DehumidifierNETTA DehumidifierEcoAir DD1 DehumidifierFinether Dehumidifier
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Water Extraction 20 L /Day 12 L /Day 12 L /Day 7 L /Day 12 L /Day
Noise Level Very low noise level - - 34dBA 45 dB
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year 1 Year 2 Year 2 Year
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Inventor EVA II PRO Dehumidifier

Elegant, compact and easy to operate- Inventor EVA II Pro Ion dehumidifier brings all of these features. In a day, this dehumidifier is capable of extracting 20 litres of water. Not to mention that it is good at preventing mould and dampness. The integrated Ioniser will remove the odours that are created by microscopic molecules.

Designed to operate efficiently and quietly, Inventor EVA II Pro Ion dehumidifier will not disturb you while you are sleeping. It is compact and has rotating rolling casters that will allow you to move it easily. So you can put it wherever you please.  Also, you can dry your clothes with it. The Laundry Dryer will help you to dry your clothes. So the dehumidifier will do two things at once- dehumidify and dry clothes.

Operating the dehumidifier is easy because of the digital display. It indicates the area’s humidity. It can also indicate the desired humidity levels. In accordance with the room temperature, it will select ideal moisture levels automatically.

The dehumidifier has a  water tank that can hold up to 3 litres of water. But if you feel that managing the tank is annoying and bothersome, there is another option for you. There is a continuous drainage option for you and, it is very convenient. That way you won’t have to empty the water tank. 

Don’t worry about power failure. After a power failure, the dehumidifier will restart automatically and resume its operation. So your product will be fine. The dehumidifier also has refrigerant leakage detection. So you can guess that the product gives you everything you need.

After offering so many things, it still manages to be energy efficient. But most importantly the price is reasonable.

Ansio 12L portable dehumidifier

Even though it may not be the most elegant looking dehumidifier, it is as good as any other dehumidifier that you will find in the market.  With an extraction rate of 12 Litres/day, this dehumidifier will prevent damp issues around your house. Your home will not have issues with condensation, bad smell, mould and mildew. It will solve all of these annoying problems. That’s the main reason why you buy a dehumidifier in the first place.

Now let’s see whether it’s easy to operate or not. After all, no matter how good the product is, if it is not easy to operate, it gives a bad impression to the consumers. It has Integrated wheels which will allow you to move the unit easily. So moving it from one place to another will not be a hassle by any means. But for maximum efficiency, you should Keep it at a safe distance from walls and other furniture. The dehumidifier also features continuous drainage. For customers, it’s really convenient as it will automatically get rid of the extracted water. The product also features automatic humidity sensor. It is capable of detecting the relative humidity level in your room. The coloured display panel will show it.

Like most dehumidifiers, it also has laundry mode. So dry your clothes whenever you need to dry them. You can also set it up to Sleep mode so that it can operate without the display.

All in all, when there is too much moisture at your home, this dehumidifier will help you out and keep the air of your home safe to breathe. Small, medium or large- it is perfect for any type of room that is affected by dampness, moisture or mould.

NETTA Dehumidifier

Like any other good dehumidifier,  NETTA 12L  dehumidifier is also capable of solving damp issues. So if you are having problems with damp, mould and moisture in your home, the NETTA 12L  dehumidifier can be a good option when it comes to solving these troublesome issues.

Firstly, let’s talk about the dimensions. The height of the product is 56cm, the width is 34 cm and the depth is 23cm. The total weight of the product is 11 kg. But it’s easy to move around as it has rotating rolling casters.

Now let’s talk about some of its features. In a day, it is capable of extracting 12 litres of moisture which is perfect for 20m² rooms.  You don’t have to worry about the Drainage system. It has a water tank that can hold up to 1.5 litres of water and, it will Shut off automatically when it reaches maximum capacity. You will also get a Continuous Drainage Hose. It’s perfect for long term use.

Also, if you want to dry your clothes, you can use its laundry mode. Drying your clothes will be easy. Furthermore, the digital control display will make sure that you can operate it easily. You can adjust your desired moisture extraction and, it will do whatever you want.

In the end, the most significant aspect is that it lasts for a long time and that’s the most important thing for any consumer. You do not want a product that works well for a couple of days and all of a sudden, it stops working for some reason.  So when you decide to buy a dehumidifier, keep this in your choice list.

EcoAir 12l Portable Dehumidifier

The EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier is a powerful compressor dehumidifier which will protect your house by controlling the humidity level. EcoAir is a pretty big player when it comes to manufacturing dehumidifiers. So Ecoair dehumidifiers offer a lot of cool features that you will love.

Before buying a dehumidifier, you need to know how compact and portable it is. You need to know how easy it is to move it from one room to another. Although there are lighter dehumidifiers than this in the market, it is surely not the heaviest dehumidifier. Its weight is 10.5 kg which is less than some of the other dehumidifiers that can weight up to 11-12 kg. But you don’t have to worry about lifting the product. This dehumidifier has easy glide castors. So it means that you can move it easily.

This model has a power cord hanger that you will see at the back of this dehumidifier. You can keep that cable tidy when you are not using it.

Now let’s talk about how easy it is to use. Its electric control panel(touch button technology and intelligent display) will make sure that you can operate it easily. Furthermore, the noise volume is just 41 decibels. So it will not hurt your ears.

If there is a power failure, DC12 will be able to restart automatically and the cool thing is that you don’t have to change the settings. It will operate according to the previously selected settings. So it’s a pretty cool feature.

We got to talk about the water tank. The capacity of this water tank is 3.5 litres. You will find it at the front of this product. You don’t have to move the dehumidifier while you are removing the tank in order to make it empty. You will see a lid that is covering the tank. It will avoid spillage. It is just another reason why the dehumidifier is so user-friendly.

The extraction rate is 12 Litres/day(maximum). The water will be in the water tank. But you may not want to go through the pain of dumping the water from the tank. That’s why the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier comes with a hose(one meter) that will give you a permanent drainage solution.

Not only it controls the humidity level but, it can also dry the wet items. So it is going to help you to dry the laundry indoors. But the most important thing that a dehumidifier does is eliminating condensation and controlling mould. The EcoAir DC12 does this job perfectly. So you don’t have to worry about that.

When air humidity exceeds 60% RH, your house becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which is never a good thing. Fortunately for you, EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier will help you out. Although it offers so many features, it can be bought at a reasonable price which is the reason why it is so popular.

Finether Dehumidifier Home Air Dehumidifier 12L/D Clothes Dryer

Finether Dehumidifier is one of the finest dehumidifiers that you will find. With this unit, you can easily get rid of the moisture that is harmful to your house. Needless to say that it is really efficient at removing moisture. So your house will not be damp. As we know, bacteria and mould thrive in a place that is damp.

So what does this dehumidifier offer? The answer is – A lot. With the extraction rate of 12L/day (at 30℃, 80%RH), it is definitely capable of getting rid of moisture issues from your home. The activated carbon screening will make your home fresher. There are smooth-rolling caster wheels along with the built-in handle.  Both of them combined will make it easy for you to move it around the house.

You can easily remove the water tank that is capable of carrying 1.5 litres of water. And the good thing is when the tank is full, this appliance will stop automatically. After that, the tank full indicator will turn red and lets you know that the tank is full. Moreover, while operating, the dehumidifier is really quiet. So it won’t disturb you while you are sleeping.

Its touch button control panel is easy to operate. Just by touching intuitive button, you can operate it easily. On the other hand, the digital display will let you know the current humidity level.

And finally, like most dehumidifiers, it will also help you to dry your clothes.

Best Small Dehumidifiers

Pro Breeze Mini DehumidifierPureMate Small Dehumidifierhysure Electric Dehumidifier
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Water Extraction 500ml 500ml 700ml
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Pro Breeze 500ml Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze PB-02 Dehumidifier is perfect for small spaces. If you want to use it in small rooms or in a place like kitchen garage, wardrobe, and caravan, it will suit you perfectly. It is one of those nifty products that is good at its job.

Any dehumidifier has to be good at removing damp, moisture, and mould from the air. That is the first thing a dehumidifier needs to do and, it has to be good at it. The good news is that Pro Breeze PB-02 Dehumidifier is one of the best when it comes to removing damp or moisture.

As it is a mini air dehumidifier, you can guess that it is easy to carry. The weight of the product is only 1.5 kg. So basically you can just lift it with one hand and the unit is as compact as it gets. As a result, you do not need too much space to keep the dehumidifier in your room.

Its advanced Peltier technology is energy efficient. Also, it is quiet while operating which makes it awesome. It will operate all day long without even disturbing you for a minute. Its smooth operation makes it one of the best mini humidifiers out there.

The extraction rate of this mini dehumidifier is 250ml/day. It means that remove almost 250ml of moisture per day which is not bad for its size. It will do a decent job. And the important thing is that it is going to last for a long time. Its durability is another reason why this mini dehumidifier is one of the best mini dehumidifiers in the world.

For its size, the water tank is very large.  It has a 500ml water tank. When the tank reaches its maximum capacity, an indicator light will let you know that it is full. Then it will switch off automatically. It will stay switched off until you make it empty. Furthermore, It is really easy to dispense the Water. When you see that the tank is filled with water, you have to remove it from the mini dehumidifier. Then you need to pull out the plug and make sure to empty the tank into the sink. When the tank is empty, just put it back into the unit. That’s how easy it is.

All in all, Pro Breeze PB-02 Dehumidifier is an efficient unit that will help you to control the dampness in the air. With all said and done, it will all come down to the price and whether it is affordable or not. Don’t worry. The price is very reasonable and, you can afford it. We all know that high humidity can cause respiratory problems. Especially if you have young kids, high humidity can be a nightmare for you. It is a breeding ground for the dust mites that live in your house. This mini dehumidifier will help you to solve that problem.

PureMate Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier

The first two words that come to our mind, when we talk about PureMate small Dehumidifier, are Stylish and compact. This dehumidifier has so many things to offer that the price of the product will seem pretty low at one point. 

Ideal for small rooms, this Puremate dehumidifier can extract 250ml of moisture every day. As the weight is only 1.1 kg, it is light and portable. So you can take it wherever you want and, you don’t even need too much space to keep it somewhere in your room. It is one of the most compact units you will find that uses very little space and, you will surely enjoy when you use it.

When condensation appears(inside of your windows),  it is a sign that the humidity level is high and your room has an issue with excess moisture. It can be harmful to your walls and furniture. Furthermore, if the humidity level is high in your house, bacteria and dust mites will thrive in it. It is not a good thing if you are living in it. Finally, black mould is another issue that you have to deal with if the humidity level is high.  But because of the PM468W dehumidifier, all of these things can be dealt with. Puremate dehumidifiers are manufactured with extreme care. These dehumidifiers can easily eradicate dampness, condensation, and mould. All in all, Puremate dehumidifiers eliminate all the things you hate.

Like any dehumidifier, PureMate small Dehumidifier has a water tank. The capacity of the dehumidifier is 500 ml. As it is designed for small room, the 500ml-tank is more than enough. Further more, when the water tank is full, it will shut down automatically.  So it will spare you the pain of dealing with leakage. You don’t have worry about leaks. Puremate will take care of that. In the end, it lets you to run the dehumidifier continuously without giving you the trouble of leaks. This feature makes this Dehumidifier user-friendly, safe and convenient.

Now we will talk about the sound it makes while operating PureMate small Dehumidifier uses Ultra-Quiet Technology. It is really quiet when it operates. It will hardly make any sound. So you will never feel bothered and, you can do your day to day job smoothly. In addition, it uses very little energy to operate. But at the same time, it is highly efficient.

To keep the environment of your house clean for you and your children, you should have something like this in your house. If the air that you breathe is damp, it will cause trouble for you. So the rational thing to do is to buy a dehumidifier. After knowing all the features of this Dehumidifier, you should know how good it is for your house. After all, clean air leads to clean health. 

Portable Mini Dehumidifier

This mini dehumidifier from hysure is as good as any mini dehumidifier that you will see in the market. It offers a lot of things that you are going to like. After knowing all about it, you may end up purchasing it. That’s how good the product is.

One of the many reasons why people buy a mini dehumidifier is that it is perfect for small rooms. Mini dehumidifiers are light and compact. So you can easily carry them from room to room. The bottom line is that a good mini dehumidifier has to be portable. It is a fact. The good news is that this mini dehumidifier from hysure has all of these features. Its weight is only 1.1 kg which means you can just carry it with one hand. It will not take too much space as it is compact. If you want to sum it up, it is just an easy-to-carry unit that takes little space.

This mini dehumidifier comes with a 700 ml tank that has an AUTO SHUTOFF feature. It means that you can run the dehumidifier continuously and, you do not have to deal with leaks or overflow. So that’s a relief for you. The tank can be removed easily and after getting rid of the water you can reattach it to the dehumidifier.

The durability of this product is amazing. It is manufactured by the best of the best. Furthermore, it runs on high-efficiency power.

When a dehumidifier operates, it is bound to make a bit of sound. Some people may find it bothersome. If the sound is too much, you may find it hard to concentrate on your job. But fortunately, This mini dehumidifier from hysure is ultra-quiet when it operates. It features Thermoelectric technology. This technology allows the dehumidifier to operate continuously without disturbing you. You can even keep it on while you sleep. So it will barely bother you.

With an extraction rate of 300ml(per day), this unit is perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe, nursery, caravan. It will fight against moisture, dampness, mildew. Rest assured that it is going to keep your house safe. As it is an anti-mould air cleaner, keeping it in your house will help you to get rid of health issues like allergies, congestion, or itchy eyes. Because it helps you to get rid of dust mites and mould spores.

300ml extraction rate, 700 ml water tank with auto shut off feature, compact, lightweight, thermoelectric technology, high efficiency, durability- all of these features make it a perfect mini dehumidifier. So this dehumidifier from hysure is surely a perfect example of a perfect dehumidifier. This single product offers a lot of thing at once. But the most important thing about the mini dehumidifier is that it is really safe to use. A product can offer so many things but if it is not safe, then there is no point of buying it.

Dehumidifiers: A Complete guideline for a healthier environment

Dehumidifiers: A Complete guideline for a healthier environment

Dehumidifiers are a very common appliance in the general households. In fact, many people don’t even realize the need for a humidifier in their house. It doesn’t come to mind when making a house. But believe it or not, this piece of an appliance can be so useful in many conditions that you would be really surprised. It may not be needed in your everyday life, but there are times when it can become an absolute lifesaver.

Before starting let’s see what a dehumidifier is a device that helps to reduce and maintaining the level of humidity from the air when there is an excess by extracting the water from surrounding air.  There is a cooling coil inside the dehumidifier which condenses the absorbed moisture and drained and pumped out like water. This is an electronic device.

Benefits of owning a dehumidifier

If your house is damper due to excess moisture and you are suffering from various problems due to it, maybe it’s time to get a dehumidifier. You might be afraid of the size and the weight of a dehumidifier or even of the noise, but let me assure you that most of the newest devices are sleek, modern and quiet. Having a dehumidifier in a home has versatile benefits such as-

  • Reduces mold growths: One of the main problems of excess humidity inside the house is the growth of mold, mildews and dust mites causing various environmental and health-related, having a dehumidifier around will save you from these problems ensuring you a healthier and better environment.
  • Healthy environment: Excessive humidity gives rise to allergens in the air which creates allergic problems such as a rash on the skin, fungus, and other allergic reaction. To solve these problems a dehumidifier is a must.
  • No mustier smells: The damper the house the mustier the smell gets. These musty smell coming from the mold and mildews occurred because of excessive humidity. This smell is really very depressing and uncomforting. A dehumidifier can remove the musty odor completely and you can have a comforting and relaxing fresh air.
  • Dry and warm air: Dehumidifier can fight the damp air in your house. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air to make it drier, warmer and cozy.
  • Less condensation: Humidity creates the condensation problems. This will result in creating beads in the windows and mirrors, peeling off wallpaper and shrinking of doors and windows. So, bring a humidifier and get rid of all these problems.
  • Beautiful furniture: Excessive humidity often spoils the wood and wooden furniture. Dehumidification will save the furniture from getting rotten.                              

Difference between a commercial and a residential dehumidifier

There are several types of dehumidifiers for different situations. You definitely won’t want to use the commercially used dehumidifiers in your house. Because they are very different in functions.

The main differences would be in the capacity. Commercially used dehumidifiers are bigger and better. Bur here, bigger doesn’t always mean size. It means the capacity. The commercial dehumidifiers are capable of removing a larger amount of moisture (pints) per day than the residential dehumidifiers.

Another big difference is water storage. The residential dehumidifiers have a water container, which is removable, that means it can be emptied when full. On the other hand, the commercial dehumidifiers have hose pipes attached to them to drain out the water outside, so that they can run continuously.

Although there are many low-grade commercial dehumidifiers that cost as much as the very high end, super functioning residential dehumidifiers, if the compared by the standards, the commercial ones cost much.

How does a Dehumidifier work?

This is evident that a dehumidifier controls the humidity level by reducing the moisture in the air. But how exactly that is done! There are actually two types of dehumidifiers, but as for this article, we will discuss the most used and popular one- refrigerant-style dehumidifier.

The mechanic or the function behind dehumidifiers are very simple actually. The main theme on which the function of dehumidifier is based is condensation.

Inside the dehumidifier, there is a coiled condenser, an evaporator, and fan with some other materials. The surrounding air is drawn inside the dehumidifier fan and that air is passed through the cold coiled condenser, where the moisture condenses and becomes liquid. This liquid falls into a container. The moisture free water is then passed through the heating element and becomes warm again to its previous temperature. The warmer moisture free air then passes into the room. The dehumidifier will then automatically shut off when the water holder is filled with water or the unit will indicate the situation. That’s pretty much everything there is.

What factors to look out for when selecting a dehumidifier?

First, you need to decide what type of dehumidifier you want to have. Depending on that the key factors to be considered before buying a dehumidifier. For example, if you are interested in buying residential dehumidifiers, you should consider the following-

  • Integrated automatic humidistat helps maintain the moisture level automatically according to your preference. It allows the dehumidifier to run only when needed and to save energy.
  • Dehumidifier timers will program the start and shut off time according to your needs.
  • Automatic restart function will enable the dehumidifier to restart when there is a power shortage or outage.
  • User-friendly controls should be present in a dehumidifier. It will provide the accurate humidity level.
  • Automatic defrost keeps the dehumidifier functional by defrosting any ice if there is any by accident.
  • Many dehumidifiers have a washable air filter which keeps the unit safe from air pollutant which can be washed from time to time.

Again, if you are having a commercial dehumidifier, you should check out these factors-

  • Rugged and weatherproof hose connection will serve against extreme dehumidifying environments.
  • As the commercial dehumidifiers remove a larger amount of moisture and run continuously, they mostly have pumps to drain out the water.
  • Hour meters will keep the count of the time of use.
  • Advanced air filtration system will keep the unit safe from fine particles of dirt, air pollutants, and other organisms.
  • Large wheels and heavy-duty handles allow a dehumidifier to run smoothly for a longer time.

How to choose the size or the capacity of the dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier’s size is not about how big it is, but the capacity to remove moisture from the air. In simple words, it is determined how many pints of moisture can be removed in one day. Therewith, it can also be determined how much area the dehumidifier can cover. So, while choosing the size, you need to know the size of your room in square feet. Also, the condition of the room is also important while choosing the size of the dehumidifier. Because, regardless of the room size, the damper the room is, the higher the capacity should be.

For your understanding check out the following chart. But let me warn you, this is not an accurate calculation, this is only for the understanding which can be customized.

What are the pros and cons of having a dehumidifier?

Excess moisture is without any doubt harmful for your health as well as the household. So a dehumidifier is an essential piece of appliance for your house. But is it all way beneficial? Well, honestly speaking there are some cons also alongside the pros of using a dehumidifier. Such as-


The advantages of a dehumidifier are undeniable. Excess moisture promotes the mold and mildew growth. People who are allergic suffers badly because of these. A dehumidifier reduces the chances of allergic reaction by removing moisture from the air, thus removing the allergens. This results in a healthier and happier comforting environment.

The higher moisture in air results in spots and stains all over the walls. This not only spoils the beauty of the decor but also has a harmful effect on health. Having a dehumidifier will reduce the spots and make the house look beautiful.

The excess humidity has adverse effects on wooden furniture also. It rots the wood as well as the furniture. A dehumidifier will help to protect the furniture also.


A dehumidifier can be a little bit noisy. If the dehumidifier is in the basement, the sound must not bother you, but when you need a dehumidifier in the house, you need to get the advanced ones, which doesn’t make a sound or makes little but.

In summer, the dehumidifier is almost unusable because the warm air from the dehumidifier will make the room warmer.

The energy bill will increase. Unless you live in a warmer area, your electricity bill will rise a bit.

Dehumidifiers need maintenance. To keep the unit safe and enhance the longevity of the dehumidifier a regular maintenance is a must.

5 dehumidifier questions answered

  1. Where should I put my dehumidifier?

The best place to place a dehumidifier is the basement. Usually, the basements tend to be wet and damp because of the lack of proper ventilation. So, the mold has a higher growth rate there. Using a dehumidifier in the basement will keep the basement dry and moisture free. Also, it will help to protect the structure of the house.

Bathrooms are also a good place for a dehumidifier. During the shower, especially, hot shower, moisture has added the air making it more humid. So mold growth or spots on the wall can be seen. A dehumidifier will reduce the excess moisture and keep the bathroom area neat.

In a larger room, the dehumidifier should be placed in such a place where the electric outlet is neat for the plug. Also, the unit needs to be placed at least 6 inched out from the wall so that the air flow is not blocked.

  1. How much a dehumidifier will cost?

This depends on use and the size of the unit. The modern dehumidifiers are usually very energy efficient and cost less to run. The price of these energy saving dehumidifiers are a bit higher than others, but these will save your money in the long run. Most of the consumer review that, these dehumidifiers cost almost 6 cents to 19 cents per hour. Beside these, there are other maintenance costs such as the cost of changing the air filter regularly.

  1. Is the collected water by dehumidifier safe for drinking?


You cannot drink the collected water. This water is called condensate. This water contains mold, and bacteria from the air. Also, other air pollutants are present in this water. Consuming this water will make you ill. Even your pet shouldn’t be allowed to drink this water as there is the possibility of illness.

Although water can be used to water the plant.

  1. Do I need to maintain my dehumidifier regularly? And how?

Yes, you definitely need to maintain your dehumidifier regularly for better longevity.

But the maintenance is very simple and easy. The main task that you need to perform on a regular basis is disposing of the collected water in the water container. Most of the water container comes with integrated handles, so it is relatively easy to separate the bucket from the unit. There is another convenient way, that is connecting a pipe with the port toward the bottom of the unit. This pipe directly disposes of water to the existing drainage system.

Every now and then you need to check the water container if it is working fine.

Air filters need to be checked regularly. These removable air filters get dirty because of the air pollutants, dirt, and molds. Just rinse thoroughly with water and reinstall them.

  1. How much noise can a dehumidifier make?

It is a fact that, any appliance which has a fan, will make a sound. But using the modern technologies, latest dehumidifiers are pretty tolerable in case of sound.

Most humidifiers come with different settings such as high, medium and low.

on the high setting, the noise may feel a bit loud, especially if you never have had a dehumidifier. On the other hand, on the low setting, the noise is almost negligible and can be compared to the sound of computers. Usually, the humidifiers are used on the medium setting.

Portable dehumidifiers vs whole house dehumidifiers

Determining between the portable dehumidifier and whole house dehumidifier can be tricky. They both have their fair share of pros and cons.

Pros of portable dehumidifier

  • Less costly for initial installation than the whole house dehumidifiers
  • Can control the humidity of a large single room
  • Portable, thus can be moved to anywhere easily
  • Digital control
  • Easy and quick installation

Cons of portable dehumidifier

  • Shorter longevity
  • Has to install in a plain sight to operate
  • Only one place can be dehumidified
  • Less energy efficient
  • More regular maintenance is required

Advantages of whole house dehumidifier

  • The entire house can be dehumidified at once
  • Can be installed out of sight and the noise level is also low
  • More energy efficient than portable dehumidifier
  • No need for regular maintenance
  • Greater lifespan

Disadvantages of whole house dehumidifier

  • More expensive to install
  • Complicated setup and requires expert people to install
  • Cannot be moves
  • Heavier and larger than portable dehumidifiers

Overall, it can be said that, when you are choosing, you should keep in mind some factors such as the area that needs the dehumidifier. If you have a large house with many floors and several rooms a whole house dehumidifier will be a good option. But if you want to dehumidify a single area or your use is seasonal, the portable dehumidifier is the best option. Not only they are easy to install and maintain but also they will save a lot of money.

Dehumidifier vs fan; which is better

When you need to maintain the moisture in your house, there are several options which might confuse you. Same goes with fans and dehumidifiers. Although the techniques are different, they tend to do the same work. So which one is better? Let’s check out.

Pros of fan

  • Traditional, inexpensive and easy for daily use
  • Can be installed anywhere-room, basement or even your crawl space
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • No regular maintenance is required

Cons of fan

  • Fans can add up extra moisture inside by drawing humid air from outside
  • Can become clogged by dust or debris
  • Clogging can cause the motor burning out

Pros of dehumidifier

  • Dehumidifiers work by removing extra moisture from the air
  • You have control of the humidity level
  • Pretty low maintenance, easy to use

Cons of dehumidifier

  • Unlike fan, water needs to be removed from time to time
  • Can be a little noisy than fan
  • Take up more space than fan

So, finally, if you need to have a solution for your excess humidity problem, then the dehumidifier is the ideal choice. A fan may be a space-saving, quiet appliance but it doesn’t actually remove moisture. On the other hand, the dehumidifier may be a little costly than the fan but it is far more effective than the fan, where a fan can actually make the moisture problem worse.

Desiccant or compressor dehumidifier: which is better

There are so many opinions and views on the choice between desiccant and compressor dehumidifier. Both the desiccant and compressor dehumidifier have the same purpose to serve- to remove the extra moisture from the air. Maybe their techniques are different but the aim is the same. So where does the confusion arise? Let’s check out the pros and cons of these dehumidifiers and decide.

Pros of desiccant dehumidifier

  • Works fine in both warm and cold climates
  • In winter season desiccant humidifier tend to raise the temperature around 30 t0 50 where the compressor arises only 20
  • They are generally very quiet in function
  • In winter, desiccant dehumidifiers are more efficient with being economical
  • These are portable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Greater durability

Cons of desiccant dehumidifier

  • More expensive to operate and install, especially in summer season

pros compressor dehumidifier

  • In warm seasons, they are very effective and cost saving
  • Consumes less energy
  • Cons of compressor dehumidifier
  • Not efficient for cold seasons
  • Heavier and bulkier needs more space
  • Pretty much noisy

From the above discussion, you get to know the pros and cons of these two different dehumidifiers. Above all, you need to decide according to your need and budget. But if we must say, we will go for the desiccant dehumidifier. It is versatile in function, less bulky and very effective. Not to mention the greater longevity. So, the choice is yours.

How do I know I need a humidifier?

Now, the question is why do I need a dehumidifier or, better yet, do I even need a dehumidifier? Well, you’ll know. There are several signs that’ll let you know if you need one. when the moisture is beyond the normal level you will face some problems, such as-

  • Mildews, molds and musty odor in the house:

Musty odors are the indicator of mold or mildew growth. These can be seen mostly in garage or basements. In the other parts of the house can be seen too. The main reason for these is the lack of proper ventilation. This musty odor or the growth of mold is not healthy for you at all. So, whenever you notice this problem, understand that you need a dehumidifier which can solve this problem right away.

  • Condensations everywhere:

You might have noticed the fog or vapor in your window glass. Or you might have also noticed beads of water in the window. These condensations of water indicate the excess of moisture in the room. This can lead to mold growth. A dehumidifier can reduce the excess moisture and solve this problem.

  • Allergy problems:

The indoor air quality plays a vital role in allergies. Excess moisture in the air produces dust mites and mold spores which are a kind of airborne allergen. If you have an allergic in your house, he or she might be vulnerable to it and suffers from mane allergic reaction. So, to increase the quality of the indoor air by reducing the moisture level a dehumidifier can help you so much.

  • Mold spots and stains

One of the common problems caused by excessive moisture is the stains or spots of mold growth. This is easily seen on the walls near the bathroom or toilet. in these areas, during shower, water spreads in the air. And without proper ventilation, the moisture level increases which cause these mold growths. They destroy the walls as well as the interior of the house. Running a dehumidifier will remove this problem entirely.

  • Water runoff

Sometimes the basement floor has water coming from somewhere. In spite of the lack of ventilation, this problem occurs. A basement dehumidifier is a must in this case.

  • Spoiled wood

Excessive moisture is very harmful to wood. It rots them. so if you have any wooden furniture that has started being rotten or spoiled, you need to have a dehumidifier in your house immediately.

Installing your dehumidifier the right way

 Installing the dehumidifier in the right way increases the effectiveness of the device. The installation of the device can be done by the professionals or you can do yourself by following the manual. Either way, the right way of installing a dehumidifier follows these steps:

  1. Choosing an ideal device: First of all, according to your need, you have to find the perfect dehumidifier for your house. Different types of dehumidifiers are available for different situations such as portable, whole house or for the basement. For example, if you have a moisture problem in one room or a partial area of the house a portable dehumidifier would be perfect. But if your whole house having several floors suffers from humidity a whole house dehumidifier is needed.
  2. Deciding a place to install: Where to install in the house is another important aspect. Usually, the wall mounted dehumidifiers are implanted in the wall. But the portable dehumidifiers are to put in the room. Before placing a dehumidifier, check if the power point is nearby for easy plugging. Always put the dehumidifier at least 6 inches out from the wall, so that there is no obstacle for air ventilation.
  3. Select the drainage method: With most of the dehumidifiers, there is a water holder for collecting the water from the air. This water id the condensed form of moisture. So you have to choose a way to dispose of the water.

You can decide to manually dispose of the water by emptying the water holding tray from time to time.

Or you can add a hose pipe to the port toward the back of the unit. In that case, place the unit near any drainage system where you can dispose the water easily.

  1. Select a humidity level: After setting up the device, plug in and start the unit. Select a preferred percentage of humidity level for the dehumidifier to function.

Well, only installing is not enough. After installing a regular maintenance is a must. Although the maintenance is simple and easy you need to keep an eye on it like disposing the collected water time to time and changing the air filter every once in a while.

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